Sean Hannity texted Meadows about stolen election and business plans


CNN Friday published another batch of texts traded between Mark Meadows and Sean Hannity between Election Day and President Biden’s inauguration. Former Trump chief of staff and Fox News hosts exchanged more than 80 texts in this period of time. All of them reveal that Hannity once believed the election was stolen, then grew frustrated with Trump allies trying to overturn the election results and how far the White House led the on-air coverage of Fox News.

“My team dug the numbers,” Hannity wrote to Meadows on Nov. 29. “There’s no way Biden got those numbers. Just mathematically impossible. It’s so sad for this country that they can achieve this in 2020. We need a major breakthrough, a video, something.

Meadows, who sent messages from several Trump allies urging him to work to overturn the election, replied, “You’re absolutely right. Work on the breakthrough. Hannity replied via text: “Okay. That would be phenomenal.

Shortly after, as the Trump campaign’s frivolous lawsuits were thrown out of courtrooms across the country, Hannity and Meadows took solace in the election. “The Texas case is very strong. Another herculean ascent. Everyone knows it was stolen. Everyone,” Hannity wrote on Dec. 8. “I’m torn between crazy as hell and sad as hell. Wtf has arrived at our country Mark. Meadows replied that he was “so upset to see what we let happen”.

Later in December, Hannity appeared to accept the election results and seemed concerned about the prospect of mass resignations in the White House if Trump continued to fight them. “We can’t lose the entire WH lawyers office. I do NOT see January 6 going the way it is told,” Hannity wrote. “After 6. He is expected to announce that he will lead the national effort to reform the integrity of the vote. Go to Fl and watch Joe mess up every day. Stay engaged. When he speaks, people will listen.

Hannity also railed against “crazy lunatics” who had Trump’s back. “They are NOT helping him. I’m sick of these people,” he wrote. It’s unclear if Hannity is referring to high-profile figures like Sidney Powell or Rudy Giuliani, both of whom have been prosecuted for their false claims about voting machines, congressional Republicans pushing false claims, or others in Trump’s orbit.

CNN earlier this week posted messages showing how Hannity took Meadows’ coverage guidelines on Election Day, and that he even replied ‘Yes sir’ to a message from Meadows telling him which states to tell people in to go out and vote. The full cache of the message released on Friday shows more coordination between Fox News and the White House. One is a play by Maria Bartiromo, who a few weeks after the election emailed Meadows all the questions she planned to ask Trump in an upcoming interview. Messages between Hannity and Meadows show that Hannity was also influential in the White House, serving as what CNN describes as a “shadow chief of staff.”

CNN notes that Hannity does not consider himself a “journalist”, nor does Fox News. Most of his viewers probably don’t know that he doesn’t live up to traditional journalistic standards.

Other texts released on Friday show Hannity discussing his ideas for post-presidency business plans with Meadows, including “Directing Legal Strategies Against Biden,” “NC Real Estate” and, more vaguely, “Other Business I Have. talked to Rudy”. Others confirm that Hannity even did an ad for the Trump campaign, something he refuse when it was Previously reported. The campaign paid Fox News $1.5 million to run it, but it only did it once.

“I was screaming there was no commercial since Labor Day,” Hannity wrote in December. “I did mine, they never raced it. I’m not pointing fingers. I’m frustrated.”


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