Ramsey commissioners ‘under fire’ over ‘suffocating’ business plans


Ramsey town commissioners are under fire for apparently ‘stifling’ local businesses.

The local distillery and bar, Fynoderee, have been the subject of much controversy in the north of the island in recent times, since they asked to extend their opening hours and develop a patch of scrubland nearby into an outdoor seating area for guests.

At last Wednesday’s meeting of Ramsey Town Commissioners, the council chose to oppose Fynoderee’s request to extend weekday opening hours from 10pm to 11pm and remain open on New Year’s Eve until 1 a.m.

A number of members are concerned that extended opening hours will disturb nearby residents.

Owner Paul Kerruish compared the shoot to a Monty Python sketch:

Fynoderee wasn’t the only company to be disappointed. Good Stuff owner Andy Harding asked to place an ‘A’ sign in front of a neighboring property (further than the permitted 1 meter distance from the business perimeter), and owners of Harbor Views asked permission to hang a banner advertising their bistro on the railings of the Commissioners car park on Parsonage Road, for the TT period.

Both were refused.

For both companies, this will be their first TT; Harbor Views owner Anita told me they had a rough start:

Commissioners Ramsey agreed that supporting local traders is a key part of their mandate, so why were they told ‘no’?
Juan McGuinness explains:

Mr McGuinness’s colleague, Rob Cowell, said that instead of supporting traders in the city, these decisions are stifling business:


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