Conor McGregor claims he has cocktail business plans as he parties with Dee Devlin


Conor McGregor has said he’s ready to get into the packaged cocktail business while still living his vacation.

The Dubliner, 33, is enjoying a break with his partner Dee Devlin and their three children.

While on their Lamborghini yacht, the couple treated each other to cocktails from what McGregor described as a “floating cocktail boat.”

Posting photos of him and Devlin enjoying the drinks, McGregor revealed his desire to get into the cocktail business.

Conor McGregor and Dee Devlin study the cocktail menu

He said: “Cocktails are very interesting to me. For the boost good cocktails give the industry onsite, it’s surprising to me that it hasn’t yet been formulated for offsite as well.

“There is a real market for cocktails offsite, blended to flavorful perfection…I’m in the early stages of formulating my world famous @theblackforgeinn cocktails in neat, convenient, easy to use, mixed absolutely identical perfection by our master mixologists and voila!

“You have the best cocktails in the world at your fingertips, when and where you need them. Efficient and delicious.”

While McGregor’s fighting career has stalled in recent years, with him losing three of his last four UFC bouts, he continues to cash in on lucrative business ventures.

McGregor dabbled in the fitness, apparel and hospitality industries, but had the most success with Proper Twelve, his own brand of whiskey.

In 2021, the Crumlin man sold a majority stake in Proper Twelve to Proximo Spirits for a huge $600 million.

He also wasn’t shy about spending his money and showing off his latest purchases on social media.

The UFC fighter posted a video of himself driving around town in a brand new Ferrari.

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