Children benefit from business ideas at the Lincoln Children’s Business Fair


LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) – Young people in the Lincoln area will have the opportunity to demonstrate creativity and entrepreneurship by developing a brand, creating a product, developing a marketing strategy, and then opening up a market for customers. a day on Saturday 14 May.

“Imagine a farmers market or a craft fair, the only difference is that every business and product sold is created, owned and managed by a young person between the ages of 5 and 17,” said Zach Harsin, co-founder of Acton Academy Lincoln. , the host of the event. “The aim of the event is simply to provide a platform for young people to discover for themselves the power of entrepreneurship.”

The public is welcome to attend, but be prepared. Every business charges real money for real products or services. According to Harsin, most businesses take out a loan from their parents which they then repay from the fair’s revenue.

“They learn profit margin, cost of goods sold, sales, marketing and many other amazing lessons that they would never learn without just doing the work themselves,” Harsin said. “The hard lesson comes when the price of the product isn’t fair or as desirable as they thought. They may lose money, but it is better to learn these lessons now than when they are older and the stakes are higher.

The business fair is presented by Acton Lincoln Academy and is held in conjunction with Camp Sonshine’s grand opening of their new Shiloh campus located at 2260 W Wittstruck Rd, Roca, NE.

The event will feature a classic car show, bounce house, adult makers market and over 75 young entrepreneurs representing over 50 companies. Booth applications are closed, but the public is invited to join the party from 1-3 p.m. at Camp Sonshine – Shiloh and encouraged to come ready to shop.

“We just want to provide a real-world experience for young people in Lincoln and inspire them with stories of entrepreneurship at a young age,” Harsin said. “And having the opportunity to produce this event alongside Camp Sonshine to celebrate their beautiful new Shiloh campus is just an added bonus.”

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